3d printing

First printing issues resolved!

After printing a couple of calibration pieces and a fan guard i thought i had the printer ready to print, but i noticed i was getting ‘elephant’s foot’, what looked like under extrusion and top scoring. After re-tramming the bed and leaving a slightly larger gap, of 0.25mm, than the suggested ‘1 sheet of paper’ – my paper measured 0.10mm I printed one last calibration print – which was five 20mm squares. Each square i upped the feed rate 5% and I found that the squares printing at 120% and 125% were close to perfect – no gaps and each line was securely attached to the previous.

Following this i printed an X-Axis cable guide with these new settings and there’s no more elephants foot and top scoring is drastically reduced – I might try the ironing settings in cura.

Links to guide to help with print issues:

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