Creality Ender 3 V 1.1.3 TMC2208 UART Mod

My Ender 3 had a Creality v 1.1.3 board with A4988 drivers which drive the motors with a fair bit of noise. Trinamic offer two drop-in replacements, the TMC2208 and TMC2209, so a couple of months ago i thought I’d try swapping out the drivers instead of buying a replacement board and drivers. I had […]

First printing issues resolved!

After printing a couple of calibration pieces and a fan guard i thought i had the printer ready to print, but i noticed i was getting ‘elephant’s foot’, what looked like under extrusion and top scoring. After re-tramming the bed and leaving a slightly larger gap, of 0.25mm, than the suggested ‘1 sheet of paper’ […]

Ender 3 Firmware update – TH3D

Edit: After completing the steps below, I found the following video with a USBASP that makes this process simpler (typical): Original Post: I decided to flash the TH3d firmware to my new Ender 3 – mainly for the thermal runaway protection and bed mesh levelling. I used the following videos to flash the firmware, with […]

Creality Ender 3

I decided to buy myself an early christmas present and bought an Ender 3. I found that the build process was mainly straight forward but tricky when it came to squaring the x axis against the z axis – I found using the top 2020 extrusion as a guide to get both sides level was […]


I came across a great piece of software for the Raspberry Pi the other day called PiKrellCam (not sure why its took me this long to find, it’s been around since 2015!). It allows you to create a motion capturing cctv system out of a raspberry pi and camera connected via CSI. The motion detection is […]

AutoHotkey PuTTY restart session shortcut

A handy AutoHotkey snippet to restart a PuTTY session after it gets disconnected, press Ctrl + R in the session to restart. More ids for putty shortcuts can be found here. if WinActive(“ahk_class PuTTY”) { ^r:: ; ^r = Ctrl + R TrayTip, PuTTY, Restarting Session… WinGet, process, processName, % “ahk_id” hwnd := hwnd? hwnd:WinExist(“A”) WinGetClass […]


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