I read about old capacitors leaking and killing old games consoles and got worried that my beloved 27 year old Amiga 600 would be quietly dissolving in its own juices, so i ordered a capacitor kit (this one) to swap out all the electrolytics and prevent / repair any corrosion that was there. I was dreading what would be inside.

When i opened up the case i was surprised to find not one bit of corrosion or leakage aywhere, just some cat hairs, even the shielding and rf modulator looked like new! Two hours later and I still had a fully working Amiga, only now it should live on for another decade or so. Those pesky caps near the keyboard connector were particularly nasty to swap without melting anything – a long thin tip on the soldering iron made it easier – once I’d found it that is!

Now, back to playing elevation and trying to work out how to use WHDLoad again.